Berlinische pancakes

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September 18, 2012 by anelim

Apologies, I don’t know the German for pancakes. But I couldn’t think of a better way to baptise my new kitchen than through a baptism of domestic fire (i.e., pancakes). And, while sitting at the table and recovering from eating 5 pancakes whose total diameter was 115 cm, I discovered a nifty free app for wordpress blogging for iOS devises (called Tinydesk Writer). OK, OK, the diameter thing is all wrong, I know. 5 pancakes, d=23 cm each, are you happy now? My only excuse is that the amount of pancake has killed my brain. Bliss!
UPDATE: A friend has just informed me that the German for pancakes is Pfannkuchen. However, in Berlin that means donuts. And in Mainz donuts are called Berliner(s). How confusing. Just like in Bulgarian, we have a type of cheese pastry popularly known as sofiyanka in Bourgas, and burgazliyka in Sofia. I’ve also seen one called gabrovska sofiyanka, made of simpler ingredients, presumably because in the city of Gabrovo people are supposed to be stingy. But don’t tell them I said this. I think I shall stick to calling pancakes Pancakes for the time being, just eat less of them!

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