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September 19, 2012 by anelim

Having a place of one’s own is so exciting, that I want to spend days just living in this new space and learning all its nooks and crannies. But there is also the city of Berlin – out, waiting to be seen. Well, I’m sure it couldn’t care less about me, so I hope it won’t sulk and disappear while I stay IN, trying to slow down the arrival of new experiences. This doesn’t work: new things keep happening wave over wave over wave, but I will tell you about those in a later post.

For now, at least for a couple of hours on the morning of 17 September I’m having a passionate affair with my new flat. It is legal: I’ve signed the papers. Yet it feels illicit, like a new marriage (not that I know anything about new marriages, but I am guessing that that is how they might feel!). I take my time to inhabit it by meandering in the rooms, touching the furniture, photographing everything (this is practical too, will be a useful reference when I move out). I play different music to see which ones liven up the place. I’m revelling in this new space, trying to fill it up, take its shape, give it my content. The dictionary claims that ‘revel’ means to feast in a riotous manner. Yep, that’s exactly what I’m doing – hopefully the neighbours are at work! My mind, hitherto folded into a suitcase, is now frantically expanding to fill the sunlit rooms. So this is why moving into a new place feels so free: it is because your mind is expanding and unfolding at a slow rate and is still, for a short period at least, surrounded by hopeful, unfilled, potential space. I have now moved 7 times in my life and still haven’t discovered a way to prevent the boring Alltag feeling setting in. It will probably come in a couple of days’ time. But for now I am free.

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