So far I have…


September 22, 2012 by anelim

You: so, what have you done in berlin so far?

Me: I have: walked around some awesome cool streets, met my amazingly cool landlady, got into a little trouble with a beautiful girl who lives in a squat for photographing their ‘NO PHOTO’ sign, heard open-air Karaoke singers in the Mauer Park, got myself locked out of my new flat, babysat a friend’s daughter while she phoned several locksmiths in perfect German, learnt the German for locksmith (Schuesseldienst), ridden a bike with a baby chair (with no baby in it), paid 60 Euro to the locksmith to get back in, danced in the newly liberated apartment, bought a winter coat, a CD, and a hot water bottle at the flea market, watched street gymnasts hang from a tree, eaten Italian, Japanese and Jewish food, looked at hundreds of second hand bikes, ridden a tram without a ticket, bought a bike, got lost on the bike, gone out in uncomfortabe shoes, bought a used U-Bahn ticket for 1 Euro from some homeless people and then chickened out and did not use it, ended up walking barefoot for a mile and buying slippers in a shop caled Rossman, got chatted up by (possibly Somali) drug dealers in Gorlitzer Park, drunk beer and listened to live music in Neukoln, made friends with a Vietnamese fruit-seller on my street who doesn’t speak English, interrupted a cross bus-driver on his Zehnminutenkaffeepause, attended a conference, and fallen in love with the city.

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