Tastiest cough syrup

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November 20, 2012 by anelim

…And my heart (lung?) goes to what has to be the tastiest cough syrup ever produced! You are reading this from the keyboard of someone who detests cough syrup with the entire cell-memory of each cell in her throat. Someone who spent most of her time until the age of 25 ill, being forced to take one or other type of syrup at any given time, and to try in sequence all home made and commercial pills and antibiotics know to [former] state-socialist doctors. All but one syrup I had ever tried were utterly revolting – perhaps with the exception of my mother’s home made remedy consisting of a carved white radish filled with honey (leave for a day, eat the honey, not too bad if you don’t hate honey. I gradually came to appreciate good real honey after tasting many more worse things and now I actually like it). So I thought there was no level of disgust that could surprise me, as far as disgusting cough syrups are concerned.

So, this one took me by surprise indeed. It is just plain tasty, like herbal sugar or honey or like, well, it just occurs to me that that’s what a syrup ought to taste like, as opposed to a cough syrup . Let’s hope it’s as effective. If it isn’t, at least I’ve had dessert (and a night cap). I can only be sorry Rossman was closed on Sunday (and that I was too bed-ridden to go there on Saturday or Friday).


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