Conference on Work in national socialism (and linguistic trouble)

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December 14, 2012 by anelim

Today my institute is hosting a really interesting conference about work during national socialism. I hope the papers will be available somewhere publicly. Many ideological parallels with socialism in the USSR and Bulgaria (main difference: the racism of national socialism, but I’m simplifying grossly). I also wish there were a paper comparing and contrasting work in national socialism with the ideologies and practices of work in the next period of the two Germanies.

And a side note.

Easy subject, speak clearly… No problem. This was the case when I attended a public lecture on nationalism in Europe.

Easy subject, speak fast or unclearly, quietly, emphasise in weird places in the sentence or overcomplicate expression…
Headache, angry because I understand most words but miss the point and the jokes.

Hard subject, speak clearly and relay arguments in a comprehensible way (bonus: speak at a good pace
and emphasise key points/key verbs) … Surprisingly, almost no problem! (provided I have somewhere to quickly look up a word or two).

Hard and/or new field (e.g. law) with many terms… Bad headache, usually miss the point, although the speaker spoke like an orator.

Hard subject, unclear and fast speaker… Hopeless.

And after a few hours I just switch off and can’t understand even easy speech…

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