14 gloves

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February 1, 2013 by anelim

Apologies for not blogging to anyone who came by and saw the hibernating blog in the past weeks. I’ve spent so much time lately travelling outside Berlin that I felt it would have been cheating to blog about living in Berlin. Now, yesterday I thought I was back for good, but today I found out that another trip is coming up soon. More carbon footprint imprinted upon the world and my wallet (and more writing done at fascinating heights, bless the 7h battery of my Packard Bell netbook and Lufthansa’s tasty Cabernet Sauvignon).

Nevertheless, while I’m physically in Berlin for a few days at a time right now, I might post a few things again. If I don’t post, and you happen to have read this, then know that either
(a) I’m away that day, or
(b) I’ve taken my work more seriously than usual and I am busy writing stuff about seafarers’ work instead of shamelessly plugging my idle thoughts about myself.
Option (c) nothing to blog about is impossible.
There is also the likely option (d) I’m tired/lazy/having a down day, but I honestly hope not to have too many of those.

Anyway, back to today’s post. It was inspired by finally unpacking of my huge winter traveller’s suitcase and putting all clothes from the suitcase, floor, coat rack, washing basket and bed, back to where they belong – the bedroom wardrobe. While doing this very uninspiring task, I amused myself through the oldest means of amusement known to me ever since having learned to count (which was embarrassingly early in life). And among the most amusing discoveries was that… You guessed? Well done, you must have read the so badly disguised spoiler-title. I own 14 gloves. No more and no less. The legacy of Christmas and my having complained to several people in my family that Germany is a cold place, and that I didn’t have any decent gloves! I have awesome family, I know:-) Believe the visual evidence if you won’t take my word for it! (the gloves, that is. My family’s being awesome is totally self evident without photographs!)


14 gloves, in decreasing order of warmth

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