Alanis Morissette in Berlin

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February 26, 2013 by anelim

I’ve not posted for a while. Maybe this blog has served its purpose – to record the first impressions of moving to Berlin. Maybe I’ve lost my sho-shin. Anyway, here is a clip I just found, of Alanis Morissette’s new song `Guardian’, shot in Berlin. Strangely, it even works in Germany.

I hate how mumified and airbrushed she has become. I hate the manic look in her eyes. I’m not too keen on the sugary lyrics, like a dried sweetened version of her young rage. Sure, there are nice things to sing about, and she sings nicely, but I don’t find the music inspiring any more. I hate the shiny fake diamonds and her black shiny guitar. I hate that she is standing on ugly stilts with her toes pointing inwards, pretending to play, dressed in skintight trousers, and looking sickly thin. I hate that her beautiful hair looks flat and with all the liveliness straightened out of it. The shots of random people in the street make me wonder whether they know (have they received royalties?). Is it legal? (My question is practical, I would like to photograph random strangers, but I wouldn’t do anything with such photos in case anyone sues me). She looks a bit more alive in the black and white bits, copied from Wim Wenders’s “The Sky Over Berlin”, but still very… still and caged. But my younger self loved her old music, so I’m sharing this video in double tribute to our joint past:

This was the first song I ever heard, in 1995, sung by my then classmate Lora who now sings lovely music in her Irish-based band called Amoric.

(they’ve blacked out the “chicken shit” line, the bastards)

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