Ябълкови вечери

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February 28, 2013 by anelim

(scroll down for an English translation: it is admittedly dodgy, but still better than Google translate)
– – –

Да бъдеш тук,
Да бъдеш…
Да ти обеля ябълка.

На сутринта
От каната, на ябълката кожата изпила,
Да пием чай
За двама.

Пространството да поделим
На две
И времето – какво, че бърза,
Нали в тандем
По-сръчно (скрачно?) се въртят педалите.

Да ми напишеш песен,
Аз да я изсвиря
На рижата китара от битака
(“въшливия пазар” му казват тук).

Била изгнила ябълката –
Но има още музика във нея,
Щом двама пеят.


– – –

That you were here,
Oh, that you were…
An apple I would peel for you.

And in the morning,
The jug that drank the apple’s skin
Would make us our tea
For two.

That we could share this space out,
One half each,
The time as well – who cares that it is rushing,
We will be nimbler at the pedals
Because we’ll ride in tandem.

That you would write a song for me,
That I would play it
On my new ginger six-string from the market
(the “market of the flees” they call it here).

The apple rotten is, they say –
But there is still some music in it,
When sung by two.

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