Teddy radio: I’m a fan

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March 10, 2013 by anelim

That Teddy radio has my respect. They have a news programme which included the following news items:
– It is snowing again in Germany. Children are happy, drivers are cross. We can expect more snow tomorrow, especially for those of us who live around Hamburg. Those in Koblenz, where the temperature will reach +1 and snow will melt, can be envious.
– top FDP candidate Rudofl Bruderle has a week to convince the country that his party is the best (featuring a quick explanation of the names of the main German parties and what “liberal” and “conservative” mean).
– The fact that the radio is giving out 1000 Teddy Bears to listeners who want to surprise a child, make a present to a children’s hospital ward, or just urgently need a Teddy for their house.
They also say “Werbung” and “Werbungende” when ads start and finish. And they are just about to answer the question why humans have no tail, unlike monkeys. I’m listening!


Liebe Nachbarn,

I have not suddenly adopted a five-year-old German child. I’m just taking advantage of the legal loophole that allows individuals aged over 18 years, who have the mental age of five, to rent a flat and live by themselves. Please don’t send the social services round – my horse and monkey wouldn’t like them. Yours, Neighbour-in from floor X.

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