Weekend Sloth

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April 21, 2013 by anelim

What does one do in Berlin on sunny weekend? Not much, in my case. Still exhausted from the grand lunch earlier this week, as well as from the very long and cold winter, this weekend felt like slow, modest and slothy. This is why I feel the need to remember all the things I’ve done. Maybe with the benefit of hindsight the weekend will seem more meaningful than it seemed at the time.

Friday morning was by all means the height of productivity. I skipped work to spent half a day out in the sun with an energetic almost-four-year-old. I think we both learned an awful lot in that one half a day. It was also a linguistic exchange: the (bilingual) kid was teaching me German words I didn’t know (sneaky tactic for me to make her pronounce them better!) and I was teaching her more Russian than she already knows. I do hope I’m not coming across as ironic, because I’m really not. Then I rested for the rest of the day, reading. Reading is a very useful thing to do, obviously, but I think that in general I do a bit too much of that, as opposed to writing. Then again, this way I’m not producing mountains of useless prose, which, in the grand scheme of things, might actually be a good thing. I also made bancakes which were rather nice, and made a nice Saturday breakfast as well.

On Saturday I worked a bit and then sat in the red Cafe for the whole afternoon where I managed to read half of an important book on maritime labour (now this really was very useful reading). I also picked up a cool book and a few CDs which I listened to throughout the day as I worked, tidied up the kitchen, cooked risotto and chatted with a bunch of people online. I may have also posted a bit on SI.

On Sunday I went out for a very short walk to the U-Bahn and back, intending to go to the gym but giving up as I got to the U-Bahn because it was a bit cold and the U-Bahn travels more rarely on Sundays and I didn’t fancy waiting for 10 minutes. This is how spoilt we are by Berlin’s transport system! After I got home, I washed the bathroom and tried to work (read: spent a few mostly aimless hours on the Internet) until it was time for a nap (because I had slept very badly and was woken very early by the sun).

At 7.30pm on Sunday – it was still sunny outside, as it gets dark increasingly and amazingly late nowadays – I finally got up after a very long and afternoon not-really-nap and revived my “tradition” to go somewhere new each day.  I didn’t go very far because my bike has a somewhat squishy front tyre and the bike shop is, of course, closed on the sacred day of Sunday (here I am being ironic, just to make sure it’s clear). I cycled for half an hour constantly looking at my tyre in worry, but nevertheless managed to notice a little of the urban landscape of the North-Eastern block around my Kiez (neighbourhood). I somehow hadn’t been there until today, because it’s out of the way to anything, really, and because I haven’t been out bike-roaming since about the end of October. I discovered some nice streets that are less posh than mine, a kindergarten, a small park, cafes and – a very practical finding – a bunch of huge shops (Rewe, Kaufland, Penny, a Lidl, a biking shop, a household shop and a shoe shop). I also found a cucumber. [I’m hoping that] it may have been spiked, because I’m having it for dinner now. It tastes good. 

Amidst all the weekend sloth, I forgot to write an abstract for a conference for which the deadline was today. Ah well. There’s got to be one thing that I haven’t ticked off the list (even if it is the only one which actually belonged to a to do list). I’ve also forgotten what else I need to do. Hopefully the sight of the office tomorrow morning will remind me of all that.

And here is yesterday’s exciting sunset, because today’s sunset was boring. My good camera is kaputt so I took the photo with the crappy one.


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