I’m nowhere on the Great British Class Survey

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May 8, 2013 by anelim

I tried taking the Great British class survey (with my [insert name of small UK town] hat on – so not entirely appropriate, but I want to see the questions). The first question asks me to choose from 12 almost identically looking pictures of pretty red brick houses with some smily people on them. I had forgotten how delicate the British class differences are. My big Bulgarian and small German hats are interfering with my perception of domestic affluence. My sociology hat is not impressed: it knows that nothing is as obvious as it seems. Perhaps it is made so, in order to subtly discourage non-Brits from getting into the survey? How very British.

Screenshot (source: BBC)

Screenshot (source: BBC)

1. Retirement community
2. Small houses/flats in new built areas
3. Flats in inner city
4. Houses in ex-industrial town
5. Terrassed houses in large low-rise estates
6. Dense terrassed housing
7. Purpose-built family housing
8. Bungalows or country cottages
9. Large houses in city
10. Semi-detached family houses
11. Flats owned by housing association or council
12. Detached family homes
13. Ex-council properties
14. Houses in countryside
15. Small houses in small town

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