The long Long Night of Sciences


June 9, 2013 by anelim

Balloon <3

Balloon ❤

Well, that was a long (and fun) Long Night of the Sciences. I saw a bit of the TU exhibition, and a bit of the HU one, and spent the rest of the evening at our exhibit.

Just before the Long Night of Sciences (which began at 4pm), earlier this afternoon, I also went to a kid’s birthday. There were balloons, books, chocolate, nice food, lots of fun games, all rules were suspended for the day, friends from different families and ages were playing together, and it was all organised by loving parents who had resigned to doing no work or anything else for that day.  Really, the two events weren’t that different.  In today’s university bonanza there were books, chocolate, good food, and awesome toys, and the other kids all seemed to have better toys than us.

I carried my balloon through the whole night city, and on a bus, and the U-Bahn, and the dark street, with utmost care and with the terrible, unstoppable quasi-parental fear that someone or something might burst it. You know that scientists are just children at heart. They love balloons with helium inside them. Or even without.


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