Wer Sich Übt

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November 4, 2016 by anelim

tv3 skateAs I discovered after buying a second-hand skateboard two weeks ago, riding a skateboard isn’t at all like the proverbial riding a bike. I used to skate 25 years ago but today gravity is no longer my friend.

So today I enrolled myself into a skateboard course. It’s a real Einzelklasse. I’m the only student in it, and also the teacher. The teacher knows as much as the student about skateboarding. This is good for the student’s ego (and hopefully not fatal for her knees).

Lesson 1 lasted 30 minutes. I taught myself how to stand on the thing, paying special attention to learning that both left and right foot forward. My skills and road safety on a bicycle are still severely hampered by the need to get on the bike with my left foot and off it with my right. I laid the foundations of balanced practice today in the hope to avoid this in my future stellar skateboarding career.

The skatebreak replaced one of my coffee breaks. This way I had 3 and not 4 coffees today. Yay.

A rubbish bin collector in an orange suit walked past and encouraged me:

– Wer übt sich, wird Meister!

And an elderly gentleman in a crumpled grey hat said:

– Es is gar nicht so einfach! Sieht so einfach aus, wenn die Jungs laufen!

And a third polite person didn’t even comment on my larval skatestar skills, but instead iniquired about the best way to cross the river to get to Charite and I learnt the phrase “die Treppe rauf, über den Bahnsteig”.

I didn’t fall, drank some fresh air instead of coffee, and had some German practice – win!

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