Pastries in Ku’Damm (with coffee and a smile)


November 25, 2016 by anelim

If one morning, on your way back from the Bürgeramt, all happy and proud for having finally been officially registered as a resident of Berlin after three months of residing here and waiting for your turn, you suddenly run out of a random Berlin metro station in a fit of a law-abiding citizen’s panic, having realised that you are being a Schwarzfahrerin because you have got on the U-Bahn before 10 am and you only have an “after 10 am” montly city transport pass, and if that random station is, for example, U Konstanzerstrasse or U Adenauerplatz… Wait, this was oddly specific, wasn’t it. And the above sentence turned to be too long and too German out…

Well then: if for any reason whatsoever you find yourself hungry for coffee, pastries or fresh bread in the area of Ku’Damm, then you must drop in to Jule’s Fränkische Brotmanufaktur. It has all you can want from a coffee shop and bakery all in one: superb freshly baked pastries and bread, wonderfully tasting coffee, warmth and cosiness, and the sweetest smiliest staff/owners/masterbakers (sisters Jule and Patricia!) behind the counter. Oh, and it’s not too expensive. And it has lots of tables, unlike many other bakeries. And (much as I like Steinecke), it is not part of a chain of cafes. It’s the sort of place that you will leave happy and relaxed, whether you have had a quick takeaway coffee or sat down for a long Berliner brunch with a book.

Best Franzbrötchen this side of the Spree!

Best Franzbrötchen and Laugenbrötchen this side of the Spree!

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