Turkisch Owls


February 22, 2017 by anelim

I live in Berlin. Therefore, I decided to learn some Turkish. as a Bulgarian it turns out I already know some Turkish words but they often have either a sarcastic, or a downright pejorative nuance in my native Bulgarian. This – obviously – is a linguistic consequence of having been part of the Ottoman empire for 5 centuries during which Bulgarians learnt the imperial tongue but didn’t like it… So it is unsurprising that it wouldn’t have occurred to me to learn Turkish earlier. But I think it’s time to make up for my inherited xenophobia. Besides, this way I might be able to better buy börek and döner from the kebap shops on my street;) 

There’s this nifty app called Duolingo and since I now also have a phone that is cleverer than myself, I can learn languages while hanging off the yellow rails in the U-Bahn every morning.

Today’s hilarious discovery: Turkish makes its own sense 

bird: bird (kuş)

owl: Sir Bird (baykuş)

I guess they picked this word because the duolingo mascot is a green owl.

2 thoughts on “Turkisch Owls

  1. risabuzatova says:

    It’s interesting how many of the foods in the Bulgarian kitchen are originally Turkish and just transliterated: meze, kaymak, kofte, gyvech, pasturma, sudjuk, tarator, and yufka, to name a few.


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