Get ready for July Morning!

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June 25, 2013 by anelim

In just a week’s time it will be July Morning!

What, you have never heard of July Morning? Then go and check it out in Wikipedia!

read about July Morning HERE.

“July Morning” (the night of 30 June/1 July) is arguably the best Bulgarian tradition. It’s one my three favourite days of the year (together with 1 March, the first day of spring, and my birthday which is at the height of summer). A couple of years ago I was shocked and disappointed to discover it doesn’t exist anywhere else, and yet a tiny bit proud – in the same way that even T-totallers in the Champagne region of France must be a teensy bit proud of the fact that their region grows those special vines that make real champagne.

The name of the tradition comes from the British rock band’s Uriah Heep‘s 1971 hit July Morning which became widely popular in Bulgaria in the 1980s. […] There are many versions of the meaning of the tradition. Most people consider July Morning a celebration of a new beginning and freedom in the spirit of the hippie movement. For others, it is a good reason for a late night/early morning party as July 1 is the first day of summer break for most high schools in Bulgaria and the unofficial start of the summer vacationing season, traditionally culminating with a trip to the Black Sea coast in July or August. July Morning may be related to sun worship (see also Peter Deunov) and to midsummer night rites popular throughout Bulgarian lands from time immemorial. […]It is argued that the July Morning arose sometime in the 1980s among young people as a subtle protest against the Communist regime.

And here are two photos from different July Mornings, one in 2009 and one in 1999. I won’t be at the seaside this 1 July but I surely will be watching out for the sunrise, whether I have to stay up all night, or wake up before the crack of dawn!

July Morning 2009

July Morning 2009. Photo: A.Kremakova ©

July Morning 2004

July Morning 1999

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