Out (of Berlin) – how many homes do I now have?

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September 28, 2012 by anelim

It is a bit odd to blog about Berlin when not in Berlin. I am now back in the UK for a couple of days right now, and can’t help comparing the two places in my head. I discovered, surprisingly, that I had missed living in a city. I had thought that I didn’t miss city life: in fact, I very much enjoyed living in a quiet campus for one year, followed by 2 quiet years in quite a small town, a year in the suburb of another, big-ish city, followed by two more years in the small town. Yet, only ten days later, Berlin’s endless possibilities of things to do,  public transport, well-lit and lively streets, night-time shops, long distances which can be walked or cycled, the lack of a car, and even living in a flat instead of a house seem most natural.

It also turns out that , no matter how short I have lived in Berlin, I already miss being there while I am here. The move has added to the list yet another place that I can call home. 


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